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Maintenance agricultural machinery

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FH Dekker takes care of the maintenance of agricultural machines in Overijssel. We understand better than anyone how annoying it is if your machine is not working when you need it. To prevent this situation, we recommend scheduling a maintenance service with one of our specialists in good time.

Well-equipped workshop

In our well-equipped workshop we have all materials and specialisms at our disposal. available for performing your annual maintenance. We always ensure that we stay informed of all developments regarding agricultural machines in order to meet the requirements of current techniques. In this way we guarantee that your machine is in safe hands with us and is only maintained with the best quality. Our tip is to have the maintenance of agricultural machinery in Overijssel carried out by us at a time when you can miss the device, for example in the winter.

Maintenance services for all machines

We ensure that the service life of agricultural machines and tractors is extended with maintenance and we try to guarantee the quality that the machine in question delivers. Our specialists maintain all types of machines for the countryside of various brands. Contact us to ask about the possibilities or for a tailor-made quotation without obligation. If it appears that a certain part needs to be replaced, we will first contact you to discuss the costs. We will only replace the intended part for you after approval.

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